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Plan your reflective event or activity

On the Day of Reflection, we’re remembering and paying tribute to those close to us who have died, particularly during the pandemic, when many people were unable to properly grieve their loved ones.

We’re encouraging you and the community groups, schools and workplaces you're part of to take a moment to reflect in the ways that are most meaningful for you by planning your own minute's silence or other reflective activity.

A moment to reflect

You can show your support for the Day of Reflection in many different ways, for example: by holding a minute's silence, by lighting your building in yellow, by making time for a reflective moment or prayers, by hosting a talk or panel event on grief or bereavement, or by using our downloadable petals to create a display.

Whatever you choose to do to mark the day, let us know about it so we can add it to our events map.

Reflective events in schools

Our downloadable schools pack is full of bright ideas for getting your school involved in this year’s Day of Reflection.

Although the day is rooted in the pandemic, we’re asking schools to get involved in any way that suits your community. Whether that’s planning a broader session on grief and bereavement or planting in memory of people who have died in the past year.

Running a lesson about grief and bereavement can feel daunting, so we’ve included resources to help guide you through these important conversations.

We suggest events in schools take place in the week preceding this year's Day of Reflection, as it falls on a Sunday. Don't forget to share photos for your events with us on social media @mariecurieuk.

Reflective events at workplaces

During the pandemic, many people were affected by the death of a colleague and found themselves unable to grieve properly in isolation. Perhaps you'd like to organise a minute's silence to remember someone you worked alongside.

We know that some workplaces aren’t open on Sundays, so if Sunday 3 March 2024 isn't the best day for you, feel free to hold your event in the week that precedes the Day of Reflection.

You can find more ideas and resources to support your reflective activity in our downloadable welcome pack.

Reflective events in faith communities

For many, the pandemic highlighted the importance of community. Whether you belong to a traditional faith community or hold secular beliefs, your community centres, gurdwaras, mosques, churches, synagogues and temples all play an important role when it comes to marking significant life events: each recognising loss and bereavement in different ways.

One of the aims of the Day of Reflection is to build a lasting legacy of compassion and support for others during the toughest of times. Most, if not all, of our communities are proactive in responding to the needs around us, but can be less good at simply being present with each other and drawing strength from shared silence and reflection.

Marie Curie is looking to faith groups across the UK to take the lead in encouraging and making space for their communities to join the Day of Reflection, as we remember and celebrate those who died during the pandemic. Find resources to support you in doing this in our Downloads section.

Listen to Gaby Roslin’s radio show for Day of Reflection

Take a moment to reflect through music by listening to Sound Not Silence, a special radio programme hosted by broadcaster and Marie Curie Ambassador Gaby Roslin. The 30-minute show is dedicated to sharing and reflecting on the songs that bring us closer to loved ones we’re remembering this Day of Reflection and features Marie Curie Bereavement Counsellor, Jane Murray, and actor Tom Read Wilson.

Need to talk about end of life or bereavement? Call Marie Curie’s Support Line today

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